CFR at the Olympics in Rio

22 Aug

I still remember the race four years ago in London when Marco finished 3rd. I was really happy for him but also for Manuel who had a great race.

Yesterday I was feeling the same. Marco was in the front group, Mani and Henrique were close too. I was living the same emotions like at London. But in the first lap Marco had a flat tire, pretty much in the same time with Peter Sagan, Mani broke his chain. They both lost a lot of time, especially Mani who got on the 49th spot. Then in the middle of the race he also broke his saddle. It’s the worst place for any kind of technical problems a you have the chance to ride at the Olympics once every four years (if you are good enough and your country is qualified).

Racing is not always about podium, but lot of times about sacrifice.

In the end Mani finished 13th, Marco 20th and Henrique 23rd. Anton didn’t race because some medical issues.

For all Cannondale fans, before criticizing them, please remember that only the riders, their staff and families know how much and how hard they’ve trained for this event. I am sure that all of them want it to make a great race so for that I would like to thank them. Danke Mani, grazie Marco, obrigado Henrique. I feel proud to see you up there in the front every single time.

I will always be your fan, your friend and you will always be a model for me and a lot of people.

Besides your hard work, being approachable and friendly sometimes means a lot. You bring a smile on my face every time we meet at the pits, on the course or when you just say “hi”. Sharing good vibes all around make you more special.

Hats off to you and everyone that fought with you in the last years preparing this race.


Foto: A.M Kustenbruk, S. Roschl.

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