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Medias XCO 2024

15 Jul


The 3rd round of the Romanian Mountain Bike XCO National Cup took place in Medias on a hot July day, filled with challenging climbs under the relentless sun, on a classic type course with long climbs and descends. This was the first race for my new team Cannondale Singletrack Racing. Despite the heat, the conditions […]

Triada Paltinis

2 Jul


Triada Paltinis is arguably the most prestigious mountain bike race in Romania. The XCO course is renowned for its complexity, and the marathon is one of the most challenging. This year, instead of participating in the marathon, I opted for the eBike race to finish what I started last year, when my engine gave out. […]

European Championship Test Event

7 May


I am a bit late on this post but: we are into the European Championship week. But before this we had a test event. Romania is holding for the first time such an important mountain bike race and I am honored that I had the chance to race on this nice course just before the […]

Dorna CX – a frozen fairytale

25 Jan


It’s been a while since I’ve raced in Vatra Dornei, when actually I was on the both sides of the tape: as an organizer and a racer at Dorna XCO, a great event back in 2016 that I’ve put up with Petru Grigoras two years in a row. Times have changed and a new generation […]

First race of the season

17 Jan


This blog post took me two days of Filip napping as I am still doing everything I can around job/training/family stuff. I saw everywhere the “new year, new me” bulls**t. Well, it’s still the old me trying to do something new and trying to be fast even though it gets harder everyday. The very first […]