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European Championship Test Event

7 May


I am a bit late on this post but: we are into the European Championship week. But before this we had a test event. Romania is holding for the first time such an important mountain bike race and I am honored that I had the chance to race on this nice course just before the […]

Dorna CX – a frozen fairytale

25 Jan


It’s been a while since I’ve raced in Vatra Dornei, when actually I was on the both sides of the tape: as an organizer and a racer at Dorna XCO, a great event back in 2016 that I’ve put up with Petru Grigoras two years in a row. Times have changed and a new generation […]

First race of the season

17 Jan


This blog post took me two days of Filip napping as I am still doing everything I can around job/training/family stuff. I saw everywhere the “new year, new me” bulls**t. Well, it’s still the old me trying to do something new and trying to be fast even though it gets harder everyday. The very first […]

Cluj Winter Race, for the 14th time

18 Dec


I think I can talk and write about this 14th edition of CWR a whole novel. This was by far the hardest to organize. Being a stage in the Romanian Cyclocross Cup was a must to be raced no matter what too. Even though I started to put everything together since September because I knew […]

Cross with a view at Fagaras

18 Dec


Or even better said: suffer fest with a view. But the pain is relative too. It’s a bit since I had the race so I really hope to remember all the important aspects of the race. This time I had both a driver and copilot as I went at Fagaras with Georgian and Florin. Obviously […]