2018 Charity auction

Dear friends,

I know that I have postponed this year auction but sometimes things aren’t going as planned.

But the charity program I am working and fighting for is very alive and I do my best to help as much as possible. If you had cancer or someone in your family had, you know how important is the moral support. I think that for those without a good financial situation is even harder. Especially when you need to be careful at some things that cost.

As always all the cash got from this auction will be donated for charity cancer cases. With my family we are finding pretty often specific cases of people with cancer that need money, because most of them don’t get any help from any kind of foundations and their financial situation isn’t quite good.

The auction will take place on my website as the previous 4 years because like this high selling commissions from auction websites will be avoided and more money will be available for charity.

This bike is also signed by Manuel Fumic /Cannondale Factory Racing who doesn’t need any kind of presentation so it’s both a race ready machine or highly collectible.

Why the bike is pink?

You might know that the  pink ribbon  is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Pink ribbons and the color pink in general, identify the wearer or promoter with the breast cancer brand and express moral support for women with breast cancer.

The color pink is feminine Considered in modern Western countries. It evokes traditional feminine gender roles, caring for other people, being beautiful, being good, and being cooperative.

The pink ribbon represents the fight against breast cancer, hope for the future, and the charitable goodness of people and businesses that publicly support the breast cancer movement. It is Intended to evoke solidarity with women who currently have breast cancer.

After having a terrible incident in my family that ended with the loss of my mother I’ve decided to get much more involved in this fight. In the 2011 racing season I had a lot of pink bike parts and so some pink argyle socks to express my moral support, but then I told myself that I can do more so I got involved pro active and this is the 6th pink bike auctioned.


Sponsors of the project

The sponsors of this bike mainly where my personal sponsors but I had the pleasure to have some custom parts from Cannondale, Ashima, Sram, Tune but that is some aftermarket products from Ryde, Sapim, Xpedo, ESI grips.

So once again I would like to thank them for their support and to all of you involved in this project. Means so much for me and I bet my mom would be very proud. Thank you!


Where I am shipping the bike?

I will ship mainly to the European Union! For bidders from other European countries that are not in the EU and the rest of the World, please send me a message before bidding to see if it’s possible to send the bike to your country and how much will be!

Please contact me for quotations. Buyer will pay the shipping and custom taxes !

For bidder outside Romania, please allow a few days to ship the bike. I would like to get the most convenient way to send the bike to you. Many thanks for understanding.



Payment of the bike should be made ​​within 7 days after the end of the auction via Paypal or bank transfer, Depending what the winner would  like. If the winner will prefer Paypal he will have to pay the commissions.



Parts list:

Frame: Cannondale Scalpel-Si Hi-Module – Custom Pink Chrome – Large
Fork and shock: Cannondale Lefty 2.0 Carbon XLR / Rock Shox Monarch XX
Headset: Cannondale SI
Stem: Cannondale
Handlebar: Tune Turnstange Flatbar 730mm
Grips: ESI Chunky Purple / limited edition
Brakes Sram Level Ultimate
Seat Post: Tune Starkes Stuck
Seat clamp: Cannondale
Saddle: Tune Komm-Vor
Crankset: Sram XX1 Eagle Ai-Offset
Rear derailleur: Sram XX1 Eagle
Shifters: Sram XX1 Eagle
Cassette: Sram XX1 Eagle 10-50
Chain Sram XX1 Eagle
Pedals Xpedo XMF08 with Titanium spindle
Hubs: Cannondale SuperMax / BlackOne
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
Rims: Ryde Trace 22 29er
Tires Michelin Wild Grip’R Advance 2.25x29er


Condition of the bike and other facts

*The Lefty has the 2018 2Spring upgrade, it was recently serviced by the Authorized Cannondale Service.

The frame has some scratches as it was used. All the bearing were cleaned, greased or changed.

The retail price for these parts, without including the customization and all the other bits is roughly over 7500 euros.

This is a race ready bike, prepared for a new season or for a collection.


Bidding rules:

From July 14th to July 21st you will be able to make offers. The highest offer will be the starting bid for the auction. All the offers will be posted here on this page.

The auction will start on July 22nd and will end on July 29th 11:59PM/CET 

When bidding please send your highest bid. The amount will increase each time with a minimum 50 euros (similar to other auction websites if you are familiar with it).

Before making your offer or bidding, please take in consideration, once again that this is a charity auction.

If you have any questions related with the project or auction, do not hesitate to contact me 

The actual bids will be updated daily and posted on this page with the amount, given name and the initial of the given name. Of course that I can post also a link to your site/blog or social media page if wanted.

Offers received:
– Alexandru Grozea / ROU: 2000 €
– Bogdan Mihailescu / ROU: 2050 €
– Bogdan Firizan / ROU: 2100 €
– Tudor Ciuleanu / ROU: 2150 €
– Ioan Mihut / ROU: 2200 €
– Bogdan Mihailescu / ROU: 2250 €
– Ioan Mihut / ROU: 2300 €
– Bogdan Moldovan / ROU: 2350 €
– Ioan Mihut / ROU: 2400 €
– Bogdan Moldovan / ROU: 2550 €
– Simon Jenni / CH: 2600 €
– Horia Pal / ROU: 2650 €
– Simon Jenni / CH: 2650 € (he was the first with this offer)
– Horia Pal / ROU: 2700 €
– Ioan Mihut / ROU: 2750 €
– Horia Pal / ROU: 2800 €
– Damian Dan / ROU: 2850 €
– Javier Valero / ESP: 2950 €
– Damian Dan / ROU: 3000 €
– Horia Pal / ROU: 3050 €
– Javier Valero / ESP: 3100 €
– Horia Pal / ROU: 3150 €
– Javier Valero / ROU: 3250 €
– Dan Shine / ROU: 3300 €
– Horia Pal / ROU: 3350 €
– Ioan Mihut / ROU: 3450 €
– Horia Pal / ROU: 3500 €
– Ioan Mihut / ROU: 3500 € (he was first with this offer)
– Horia Pal / ROU: 3550 €
– Ioan Mihut / ROU: 3600 €
– Eugen Pal / ROU: 3850 €
– Ioan Mihut / ROU: 3900 €
– Horia Pal / ROU: 3950 €
– Ioan Mihut / ROU: 4000 €
– Horia Pal / ROU: 4100 €
– Ioan Mihut / ROU: 4150 €

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