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Racing again – Nove Mesto World Cup

20 May


Sort of racing anyway. I’ve missed this so much and I wouldn’t thought that my 9th participation at the World Cup in Nove Mesto na Morave will come again. It’s so emotional for me and it brings me a lot of great memories. For sure I would like to have a few races before this […]

Safe riding on the roads

8 Apr


A month, on March 10th, I went for a road ride as I usually do during this time of the year. On a steady pretty steep climb a loaded truck passed me. Then out of nowhere he put it in neutral mode and heavily braked. I couldn’t do anything so I hit him than crushed […]

New Year, new plans

22 Jan


Good day, how do? and I send a smile to you. I think that you have figured out that I am more than less a Metallica fan. Make sure to hit play in background before keep reading. It’s easier to fit in my type of mood. Almost a month of 2021 already passed. Don’t know […]

Back to racing (sort of)

15 Sep


During this pandemic times it was a challenge to find a motivation and to go out and train. I didn’t had such a micro structured plan, but instead I tried on a macro scale to keep up my fitness and to take care of my lower back as much as possible. Due to more factors […]

All within my hands

11 Aug


… that’s a Metallica song, I know, but it suits this period a lot. You can play it while you read these lines. At the moment, when I am writing I am just one day from reaching 33 summers. The last months were though and I can watch only the good stuff and look for […]