Val di Sole +185 BPM

28 Aug

I always dreamed to race in Val di Sole since history was made here. Sam Hill lost a rainbow jersey in 2008 after that crash in the final section, then was the home race of Marco Aurelio Fontana. This year my wish came true and I’ve managed to get there.

Driving till Italy wasn’t that easy but arriving everything started to feel peaceful. On Friday evening we had the chance to cheer for Bogdan “Morena” Bondor who raced for Romania at the 4X World Championships, qualified in the final and finish 22nd. I am so damn proud of him ! Good job man, really happy for you, as this is the best result for a Romanian at the MTB World Champs ever.


Even though the forecast wasn’t the positive until Saturday evening we had dry conditions and everything seemed to be good. In order to clear my thoughts I went with Simona for a nice river rafting session which clearly helped.


But Val di Sole changed into Val di Piove and I was thinking about what to do. The rain stopped in the morning and until our start the course was in good condition, with small exceptions. As the start was approaching I was getting really nervous. Tried to warm up as good as possible. The call-up was here then the gun fired and the race was on. After a couple of seconds a few guys crashed in front of me. I’ve managed to avoid them but I’ve lost precious seconds. Then at the start of the first and hardest climb the first jam. Managed to start again then the second jam on the first descent. I’ve kinda lost my rhythm but I had one thing in mind: enjoy riding the bike. In the first lap on the rock garden I’ve lost the grip a bit, crashed and then I had to walk a bit as I couldn’t get back on bike, but then for the rest of the laps I had it went pretty well.


Unfortunately I don’t know what’s missing, but for sure I am still motivated for the rest of the season and already planning 2016 as I have higher goals.

I am really honored once again to ride among the best athletes in the world and proud that history was made again: was Ralph Naef’s last World Cup. Congratulations for you whole career. You were, are and will be a model for others. Congratulations to CFR team for their results and I bet that at the Worlds in Andorra they will make a great race. It was great to see you again.

Unfortunately it was also a year since Annefleur Kalvenhaar passed away in an incident. My thoughts go to her family, friends and colleagues.


Now I would like to thanks to my sponsors for making this experience possible and being next to me. Also many thanks to my family for the support, especially my wife Simona for being next to me, cheering and helping. Also I am happy I had the chance to meet again with some of my friends from FB, like Simon J. who came from Switzerland to watch the race. Hope to see you soon mate.


Compared to others I might be slow but in the future I hope that grumpy people will mind their own business, because at least I am sweating for my results. And just for your record: These guys that start from the first line in the World Cup are acting far more human than other stars from the Romanian mtb scene.

I look forward to keep enjoying riding and racing my bikes.




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