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Cross with a view at Fagaras

18 Dec


Or even better said: suffer fest with a view. But the pain is relative too. It’s a bit since I had the race so I really hope to remember all the important aspects of the race. This time I had both a driver and copilot as I went at Fagaras with Georgian and Florin. Obviously […]

Lunca Timisului CX – mud, rain and rock&roll

16 Nov


Well, I was pretty much expecting this race, but checking the weather forecast 3-4 times a day didn’t brought me any joy as I knew it’s gonna be hard. And muddy. Again I went on the road with Florin in the race morning because it’a a 3h and half journey and I want it to […]

Alba Carolina – dust and pain

29 Aug


I think that Alba Carolina Bike Race is my home race away from home. Mostly because it reminds me about the good old times at Maros Bike Marathon, where I was in the organizing team but I was also competing to get on the podium, as usual. The race starts near one of the gates […]

Blajel XCO 2023: Thunder and lightning, the gods take revenge

27 Jun


In this blog post, I want to share my experience at the Blajel XCO 2023 event. It was a memorable race, filled with unexpected challenges and remarkable moments. Join me as I recount my journey through rain-soaked trails, technical obstacles, and the triumph of perseverance. Race Day: Arriving at Blajel, with Sebi, I couldn’t help […]

Medias XCO

8 Jun


Or my very first XCO race after last year’s XCC and XCO National Championships. It has been a while but it was such a good reminder about how much I love spitting out my lungs during a race can be. Medias is pretty close to Cluj so I went with Cristi S., Cristi N. and […]