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Alba Carolina – dust and pain

29 Aug


I think that Alba Carolina Bike Race is my home race away from home. Mostly because it reminds me about the good old times at Maros Bike Marathon, where I was in the organizing team but I was also competing to get on the podium, as usual. The race starts near one of the gates […]

Blajel XCO 2023: Thunder and lightning, the gods take revenge

27 Jun


In this blog post, I want to share my experience at the Blajel XCO 2023 event. It was a memorable race, filled with unexpected challenges and remarkable moments. Join me as I recount my journey through rain-soaked trails, technical obstacles, and the triumph of perseverance. Race Day: Arriving at Blajel, with Sebi, I couldn’t help […]

Medias XCO

8 Jun


Or my very first XCO race after last year’s XCC and XCO National Championships. It has been a while but it was such a good reminder about how much I love spitting out my lungs during a race can be. Medias is pretty close to Cluj so I went with Cristi S., Cristi N. and […]

The end of a season

22 Dec


This is the end of a season that I will both remember and I want to forget about it. Usually this is the period of the year when everyone brags about how many races or what kind of results had this season. But for me it seems that was the hardest I have ever had. […]

Aiton Bike Race – a good lesson

13 Apr


A good friend told me, right after the race: sometimes you win, sometimes you build your character. Last Saturday I’ve built some character indeed. It all started a couple of weeks ago when I got sick. It wasn’t covid or common flu, but I had to keep away from the bike for almost a week. […]