Cross with a view at Fagaras

18 Dec

Or even better said: suffer fest with a view. But the pain is relative too.

It’s a bit since I had the race so I really hope to remember all the important aspects of the race.

This time I had both a driver and copilot as I went at Fagaras with Georgian and Florin. Obviously in the race day to save some time and money. The usual drive? 3h from Cluj.

So we arrived there safely, saw an amazing sunrise, had an late brakefast and saw the course pretty quick just to figure out about it.

It was pretty short because we had to do 12 freaking laps. I almost got dizzy. But it was fun. Except a running section and a steeper climb was quite nice. After a hard start of this CX season, I’ve found myself sitting 2nd until the last couple of laps when I’ve lost a few seconds to Paul M. and he run away. Was a good day and I was pretty satisfied even if I was 3rd again. Simply because I was better than the previous day.

Many thanks to everyone involved into this, from sponsors, family and friends. Happy to have you by my side.

See you soon. Cheers, Vlad

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