Arad CX – skinny tires after 6 years

9 Nov

This year’s offseason has a little different approach, but I totally forgot about how sketchy are the 33mm tires. And I never knew how grippy can a tubular be.

6 years ago was my very first and last CX season with a 3rd overall in the National Cup @ Elite. This year I’m in Master category but there is even a bigger battle. More riders, better bikes and more mud.

Went to Arad with Flo last Saturday morning. Leaving Cluj at 6 A.M. in order to get there before 9:30, do a couple of laps and then race. Get on the podium and come back home. Some of the things worked out pretty well, other didn’t.

The whole trip to Arad was dark and foggy but we reached there, get into our bike clothes and searched for a restroom. We couldn’t find one so we searched for a bush instead. We warmed up a bit got straight on the bikes and went to check the course. It was muddy and slippery but the forecast was positive. The course was kinda narrow so passing others wasn’t impossible but rather hard. We’ve washed the bike about 3km away from the course at a selfwash station then back to the car for the late breakfast.

Warm up again then … start. Of course that the narrow course put me in trouble and I’ve lost time right after the first corner. Then I’ve discovered that I didn’t tightened up the pedals enough for the mud and sand combo so after the first run I couldn’t clip in or pull. Staying on the bike was also hard.

F*ck. I was frustrated but I was thinking to do whatever I can to finish the race. Sore body, disappointment and heartache, but I will be the person who will try again, because the new attempt will a new outcome. Quitting is not an option.

6th overall, 4th in the National CX Cup. Clean, rinse, repeat.

Huge thanks to those who stand besides and behind me. Love you all.

See you this weekend at Timisoara at Lunca Timisului for the 2nd round. Prepare your mud tires.

Cheers, Vlad

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