The end of a season

22 Dec

This is the end of a season that I will both remember and I want to forget about it.

Usually this is the period of the year when everyone brags about how many races or what kind of results had this season.

But for me it seems that was the hardest I have ever had. It started really good, with a good preparation and motivation, especially because my second son, Filip, was born and everything seemed to go as I was hoping for. Even though because the war in Ukraine and the consequences of the Covid pandemic I have lost a lot of sponsors and it was hard to make any plans

But on the way something changed and I have “burned the fuses”. I had high expectations for the World Cup in Nove Mesto and even though the numbers were good, it didn’t ended how I want it. I still don’t have an explanation for this.

Probably the highlight of the season was putting together some firsts.

Organizing with a very small group of friends the National XCO and XCC Championships in Cluj. The XCC Championship was the very first one and the very first official short track in Romania so for this I can be very proud.

That might have been the cherry on top because since than I couldnโ€™t put anything together. So I didn’t start any other race since mid June.

I was struggling. Mentally was so though. Itโ€™s hard to admit it, sometimes sometimes I feel like it’s shameful because I need to be a model for my kids, my family, the people around me and my followers (even if they are not many).

Things got a little better when I’ve managed to finish the new pink Cannondale Scalpel-SE(nder). You complete this puzzle and I dedicate this 10th pink Cannondale to every single one of you. Thank you ๐Ÿ™. I am glad to be able to do this for my community after so many years.

Last push for this year was organizing the 13th edition of Cluj Winter Race. My very first race project that I insist to keep it alive even though it’s not easy. Every even is a perfectly balanced mix of people that organize, get involved and race and without any of them it wouldn’t be possible. I did it also because my older son Felix want it to race. He did and he won. Period

If you struggle inside, you are not alone“. I will keep fighting because the excuses are tools for incompetent people to build monuments of nothing.

Once again I want to thank my family, friends and sponsors who stood by when the shit hit the fan.

And for always having my back I am hugely thankful to everyone from Cannondale Family who made possible to keep #TheGoodFight going.

I am still here. Cheers, Vlad

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