Cluj Winter Race – the last battle

21 Dec

In 2006, from the idea of a good friend Gabi, I’ve organized the first edition of Cluj Winter Race. Now 16 years apart CWR is one of the oldest races that are still alive in Romania and I am proud and humble to be able to make it.

First I would like to thank each and every one of you for make it possible: sponsors, local authorities, volunteers, riders but also to my family as I’ve been away from home for many long days doing this.

It was a great challenge to do the race. Usually it was supposed to be on December 4th but FRC (Romanian Cycling Federation) decided to have another race on that weekend so I said that is better to have it later. Long story that it’s better to remain unsaid.

So we’ve moved the race on Decembe 18th. The first edition was on the last weekend before Christmas so I thought to have some of the traditions from the first edition reloaded: Le Mans style start and Funny Costumes. Both were a success back then and were this year too.

Another thing was a charity raffle. Via Cycle Master a Stages Dash M50 gps was offered and the money will go to the pediatric oncology local hospital. Unfortunately as we reached only 690 lei (138 euros), I have decided to increase the amount to 5000 lei (1000 euros) so that the families of the little good fighters to feel this help.

I also want it so bad to ride my own race even though the whole week I was working on the course, shop and didn’t had time to eat, train or sleep properly, but why not to race in my hometown? This could be a good question for the local athletes that decided not to show up their faces here.

High pulse, low power and 9 laps on a fast cyclocross specific course. After 3 laps I’ve lost the contact with Cristi Stan who was racing the CX race and I tried to push as hard as possible, for as much as possible. In the last lap all the power vanished away and I was struggling to make it to the finish line encouraged by my wife and son. I still found the power to high-five with him just before crossing the line and winning the MTB race.

Once again, many thanks to everyone wish you a peaceful Christmas with family and loved ones and a better 2022.



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