Alba Carolina Bike Race

15 Sep

This report is coming later than it was supposed to, but in the end is coming.

Went to Alba Iulia after a 3 years break. As it’s really close to Cluj (about 100km) I got up in the morning and with Georgian (this years GT driver and partner even though he’s in another team) and Alex and got straight on the road. When we arrived, Florin already got our registration packs so I only had to jump into the racing clothes, warm up and race.

The Start/Finish area was right into the citadel of the city and I was nicely surprised to see that the organizers really managed to work out with the local community authorities and have such a cool and historical place to ride from.

Anyway, the course was similar to the older Mamuth Bike Marathon so I knew it’s gonna be a though one. After we’ve exit the city we got into some XCO like trails with a lot of turns, short punchy climbs and switchbacks which were nice, but man, they were getting that energy out of the body like hell.

I’ve managed to stay with the second group until almost the end of the longest climb. Basically I had a good run until the race really started. I started to have some cramps and I fought with them for almost an hour. Then when I started to feel a bit better something switched off and mentally I wasn’t able to deliver. So I simply tried to reach the finish line and close this chapter. Ended up 4th at Elite.

➕ Good things:

  • starting from the Old Citadel of Alba Iulia was really cool as it’s a great historical place.
  • how the organizers managed to involve the local authorities into the event.
  • the high number of volunteers on and off the course
  • overall organization of the event
  • how the feedzones were set up on the course
  • after race amenities for the racers: bike wash (in a military base), massage, food

➖ Things that need improvement

  • marking the course especially in some high speed sections with a lot of junctions
  • announcing that the descent from the Relay feedpoint is dangerous ( I knew it mainly from the race I had 3 years ago but no one and no sign mention anything about it)
  • not cool to delay the whole award ceremony by +1 1/2 hours
  • lack of photographers ( I’ve found only a couple of shots from the race)

✔ Alba Carolina Bike Race gets from my subjective point of view 9 out of 10 and with minor improvements this could get one of the coolest bike races in Romania. The course is spectacular, full of history and it was cool to race again here even though I didn’t performed who I’d want it to.

Big shout to my family, sponsors and everyone supporting me. It’s a though season and I’ll do my best to end it up on a high grade.

See ya soon at the start line. Cheers, Vlad

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