Safe riding on the roads

8 Apr

A month, on March 10th, I went for a road ride as I usually do during this time of the year.

On a steady pretty steep climb a loaded truck passed me. Then out of nowhere he put it in neutral mode and heavily braked. I couldn’t do anything so I hit him than crushed on the road. As it was a matter of seconds I couldn’t see his license plate. No one else was around at that time near us so he continued to drive. After a few seconds I got up trying to realize what happened.

I was pretty bruised and the bike had significant damages. Bent handlebar, broken bar tape, scratched brake lever, scratched rear derailleur, scratched saddle, scratched pedal. In terms of equipment the winter jacket, winter pants, overshoes, gloves, base layer were torn and helmet broken, almost in half.

Somehow I’ve managed to get home but since than I had to recover and train slightly lighter as the hip and elbow still hurts.

The thing that I want to emphasize is that drivers should pay more attention and respect bikers, not only in Cluj, or Romania but all around the World. I know that this covid shit made us all more frustrated and depressed that we already were but how do you think a fight between a 21 tons truck and a 78 kg rider (bike included) can end? A lot of riders and commuters died on the roads, especially in the last year. The most famous case in mountainbiking world is Burry Stander who in 2013 passed away at only 25 years old being hit by a car while training in South Africa. Or Iรฑaki Lejarreta who was also struck by a car in 2012.

The bike parts can be replaced and so can be the equipment. But a lost life…? I am lucky to be alive and able to walk and ride.

But dear drivers, please respect us as we are part of the traffic too. We need to ride and train too.

Thank you!

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