New Year, new plans

22 Jan

Good day, how do? and I send a smile to you.

I think that you have figured out that I am more than less a Metallica fan. Make sure to hit play in background before keep reading. It’s easier to fit in my type of mood.

Almost a month of 2021 already passed. Don’t know if I should be happy or not. At least everyone I really love is healthy and that’s more important than anything. I think that last year we have rediscovered how to enjoy the small things, right?

Happy also to announce that I will continue riding Cannondale bikes for 2021 and beyond. Meanwhile I’ve “lost” some sponsors, others have joined my journey. But friends will still be friends. So, many thanks to both of them !

This winter I have discovered the advantages of a smart trainer and one popular training platform. Mostly because of the shitty weather but also due to a wrist injury. Guess what bike I am “virtually” riding?

Meanwhile I still training, preparing for the future races. Hope that things will come close to normal and we will be able to race for real as virtual races, so far for me, are just another type of training (how to read: way to spit the lungs out and puke). But if we will still have restrictions I have a backup plan.

  • Ride from Cluj to the Black Sea (675km, passing the Carpathians, in less than 24h).
  • Do at least one Everesting attempt.
  • Race the E-Bike World Champs

For the road rides I have already a bike ready to roll. A 2021 Cannondale CAAD13.

Besides all these things I will try to be more active on a National scale and see how I could help to promote cycling, because with this covid sh*t everyone tried to get outside and do something for their soul and this sport is such a good way to find a inner peace. If you have any ideas, don’t be shy and share them with me ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s so hard without any real racing plans, as the time is passing and we are not getting any younger, but you have to keep your mind busy and be creative.

But don’t over work and take care of your families and be supportive to each other. We will get over this !



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