Herneacova XCO – the wasps nest

7 Aug

This was the first race for me after the National Championships and the feelings are good.

On Saturday with George we started a 5h car trip from Cluj to Herneacova, a village near Timisoara where on Sunday was a UCI C2 race. Traffic jams, too many cars on the road, too hot outsite, but we’ve managed to arrive there even if my ass was a bit numb.

Lovely place there, with a big equitation center. We have checked the course which was really long (about 6km and around 25min/lap)

The competition was big with our best Romanian elite riders, best riders from Hungary and Ukraine, but I was confident and feeling good.

Race day came, having my daily race routine, but I had to take care of my hydration and nutrition because it was really really hot outside. Before our race the organizers changed the course because of an angry wasps nest that bit about 15 riders that raced before us.

I had a good start but I’ve lost some time because of crash that happened in front of me. I tried to keep a safe but steady pace knowing that these race conditions could put me down. The course got more dusty and loose once the laps where passing by so I had extra care of the spots where it was dangerous to slide out. George and Eli helped me out with the bottles so I had enough water every single lap. Riding safe brought me the 13th place overall and 4th in our National XCO Cup. Not a big result but I’m glad that now how races feel again and that I can push for the rest of the season.

Many thanks to my family and sponsors for the huge support, to the organizers for having us there, to George and Eli for the help in the feedzone, last but not least to Paul and Tibi for the watermelon.

Next race, next chance.



Photo credit: Dan Damian, Radu Rusu

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