BikeRace Brasov – enjoy the ride

22 Jun

I am a bit behind with the race reports but when you have good riding weather it’s hard to stay in front of the pc.

BikeRace Brasov was my first contest after the World Cup experience. I am not a marathon expert but this race was pretty short. I didn’t had a lot of expectations, I just want it to enjoy riding the bike after a few days of training in Cluj and Sighisoara.

I’ve arrived there in the morning of the race, having just enough time to register, have a short breakfast and both warm up and check up the first tarmac part of the course. The start was pretty fast but I had a good position when we entered the gravel road. I didn’t want to push too hard and instead I’ve found a pace with Hans Comyn, from BikeXpert for the first climb. A few more riders passed us but I was confident that I will catch them and I did reached a few of them in the following descends. The longest descend was pretty fun but as I didn’t knew it I prefered to ride safely. The last climb, even if it was short it was pretty brutal because I haven’t thought that it will be so steep.

Ended up on 6th place at Men Elite and 9th Overall. Not such a big performance but the legs are feeling good and so it’s the spirit.

Afterwards I got back on training and preparing the following important race.

Many thanks to my dear wife for coming with me and helping me around but also to all my sponsors for the support.

I’ll be back with the rest of the reports a.s.a.p.




foto credit: Roland Bran

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