Albstadt World Cup – learning to suffer

6 Jun

I am always happy and grateful when I have the chance to participate in a World Cup. The experience I get is higher than in any other race in Romania because of the high level, the course, the conditions and the stress.

This was the 3rd time I came to Albstadt and every time I’ve enjoyed coming here. Was the same this time. Although I was very tired because of the long journey, first from Romania to Nove Mesto and back, then going from Romania to Albstadt. So basically in these two weeks I’ve traveled in the car for around 5000km which it wasn’t quite easy.

The trip to Albstadt started om Thursday at around 5:00 AM with Eli. I was lucky to have him as a driver for the most of the time. We arrived in Germany in the evening after spending some time in the usual German “stau” so we didn’t had the time to check the course only on Friday. The new section with the drop and the tight corners made me think twice before hitting it but after the first attempt everything went smooth.

I had the time to train enough on the course, see where I had to be careful. Still the course was changing constantly. Loose gravel, not so technical as Nove Mesto but a lot place where you could crash. The day started early on Sunday morning when the stomach problems didn’t let me to sleep and eat properly. Until 2Pm at the start I was feeling really dizzy, tired and unable to ride the bike at what is for me “full gas”. I had a really slow start and three nasty crashes in the startloop in the second part of the course being unable the reset myself and have a good race.

It’s such a pity that traveling so much for such a big race and I couldn’t give my best. It’s a valuable lesson and for sure it will be a reference for the future.

Many thanks to my wife and family for the support, but also to my sponsors. Being next to me in the hard days means a lot. Thanks a lot to Eli for his on sight help and to our Romanian Cycling Federation for dealing with the bureaucracy (for both World Cups, Nove Mesto and Albstadt)

The positive thing is that we had a a couple of Juniors and U23 riders but also an Elite Women at the race. This will definitely help in the future and I am 100% sure that the results will come.

The Men Elite Replay is available on

I’ll come back stronger.



Photo credit: Traian Olinici


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