New challenges for 2013

14 Mar

2012 was a great year overall. I was very happy to ride for a charity project, to promote and sustain a healthy life. Unfortunately everything comes to an end after all. So I’ve decided to continue riding on Cannondale even if it meant to leave I have competed for the last 5 seasons.

During all these years I have a great support and I would like to thank to Tudor Maros, who tried to offer me everything I needed.

I consider that Cannondale is that bike brand that represents me and supporting my pink charity project means a lot.

The start of the season was hard because of the tough weather conditions in Romania. But the roller was a good friend of mine. I also visited almost daily the gym with my friends Marius and Dorin (who also told me what to do). Hope that Dorin was right 🙂

Also when it wasn’t to windy or to cold I went out for a longer spin with Eli, Tudor or Marius (depending on their free time). I think I had so far a good preparation for the start of the season.

When it got a bit drier I went directly into the woods to check my skills. Seems that I still can ride down the hill too. Now it’s raining so the first race of the season was delayed with a week. Hopefully I will got the new frameset until then and I will ride the new bike as almost all the parts are here waiting to be hooked up together 🙂

Foto: Alin Sirb

Talking about bike parts, configurations and other news, just have a little patience 🙂

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