Xpedo Twins pedals – Review

6 Aug


After a serious crash, I was forced not to race for the last and this week end. So I am coming to you with a review for the Xpedo Twins Ti pedals.

For the last 3 months I am using these pedals so I can tell a few words about them. First of all even if they have the cage, there are really light. 276gr claimed and 277 on the scale. The cage makes them really robust and hitting roots and rocks is not a problem anymore, so they can be used for cross country, marathons even all mountain.

The pedals have an aluminum body, a titanium or cromoly spindle, and they are featuring 3 cartridge bearings and a SWP spring. The rubber seal is preventing the dirt and the water to get into the pedals and I must admit that is doing a really good job. The titanium spindle is not recommended for a rider that is weighting more than 85kg/185lbs.

For my 65 kg there are amazing. The 3 bearings are running like on there first day. You can clip and unclip de pedal really fast and without any troubles. They are doing the job good on the mud… that’s depending on the type and the thickness of the mud.

But for me they work awesome and I am really happy with this pedals. If you would like to ask me more about them, do not hezitate.

Stay tuned because I’ll come back these days with more reviews.


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