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Lunca Timisului CX – code orange weather warning

20 Dec

Lunca_Timisului_CX (5)

I think that someone heard the prayers of the organizers and gave them all the snow for the next 5 seasons during this race. Well, let me start with the beginning of  what was the hardest road trip to a race and back + the worst race (like ever). Last Saturday was the last race […]

Mures CX Cup

12 Dec


In 2003 at Targu Mures I had my very first race as Junior Elite. In the past years they had different kind of event but I’ve kinda missed that place. This year their CX race was part of the Cyclocross Nation League and Romanian CX Cup. Despite the bad forecast I’ve decided to go and […]

Cluj Winter Race – rising from the ash

5 Dec

Cluj Winter Race (1)

Cluj Winter Race is my very first race project, that started back in 2007 with the help from old friends. 6 years ago it was put on hold because of a long list of reasons. Now, having a lot of ambition and the support from BioRacer, I’ve managed to organize it again. The race was […]

Cupa Castrului CX

30 Nov

Cupa_Castrului_CX (1)

Or what was my worst race of the season. We went to Deva as usual in the race day because it was pretty close to our home. Cold, windy day. After the registration and a good warm up I went to check to course which was pretty hilly, having more ascent that I thought it […]

November Cross – jump around

16 Nov

november_cx_ (8)

Organizing Cluj Winter Race again, after 6 years is consuming a lot of my time now so I am glad to found the inspiration to write about November Cross. It was organized by Timi Pacurar, from NoMad Team and long story short: it was a great event. To be honest I wouldn’t have visited his […]