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2012 World Championships

12 Sep

The supreme race for me is and will be the World Championship so it was on my goals for years. Even before, I close but this year I want it so much that I’ve made it. The location was in Leogang for the DHI/4X and Saalfelden for the XCO/XCE. Both locations are in the Salzburg […]

Salcano MTB Cup – Novi Sad, Serbia

4 Apr

Hi again folks, As I’ve promised I am writing down the second race report. This time is for an international race, to be more precise near Novi Sad in Serbia for a UCI C2. More than 500km on the road wasn’t easy. We arrived there, eat something fast and light and got on the bikes […]

Duna Maraton 2011

7 Jul

Together with my team we thought that it’s the time to race a bit outside Romania. Duna Maraton, which is the biggest hungarian marathon was a good idea so we’ve registered and took the chance. It is also included in the “Intersport MTB Marathons” series with Salzkammergut Marathon from Austria and Stupava Trophy in Slovakia. […]

Stubalpen Marathon – Austria

11 Sep

Now you will understand me that I comming back so late with my race report, I had yesterday (Friday) an exam and I tried to learn and I had also some luck. Anyway, going to Eurobike we thought that we should race when we come back, even if are pretty tired, because I don’t have […]

Balaton MTB Festival

17 Jun

Back again, So this is the first time when I post twice in the same day… because my lack of free time. After a few plans my, me team mates Eli and Oli, Luci and Susu from Mures and Dan from Buzau, decided to race at Balaton MTB Festival, a UCI Class 2 Race. We […]