Triada MTB Paltinis – XCO + XCM

12 Aug

Before heading to the next race I want it to share with you the race report from the latest edition of Triada MTB Paltinis.

A two days race format, with an XCO on Saturday and XCM on Sunday.

About the XCO: UCI C1 race, so we had a though competition from Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic. The course was the modified from the previous edition having a longer uphill from the start, right until the very top of the ski slope. Not easy at all. The descends were fun and the forest side of the course was nice and technical. Although from the second descend where the course had some rubber matt and it that was kinda tricky and I would say dangerous, more dangerous than other features of the course.

On the first lap I’ve found out that I didn’t had the boost to push as hard as I can so I tried to do my best. Unfortunately on the 3rd lap I had some tech problems, some thick grass got in between the cassette and I had to stop and clean it as the chain was slipping around and I couldn’t pedal.

With a strong competition as I have previously said I’ve finished 16th and 4th in our National Cup.

About the XCM: long story – 78km with 3250m of climbing, according to my Garmin device. Short story: toughest marathon race in Romania with long climbs, technical descends and a lot of suffering. I’ve started with a decent pace and I rode the whole race with Georgian Grec (from Velocitas) who previously did the course a couple of weeks ago so he had a fresh memory of it. Really helpful. We had 3 very long climbs, steep steady shorter climbs and everything you might want in between. We’ve reached an altitude of 2050m and 1975m and two of the major climbs had over 800m of ascent. I can not describe the situation but it was tough. The feedzones were enough but some of them were place right on high speed descends so it was pretty easy to miss them if you wouldn’t pay attention. On the last climb, I don’t know how, I’ve managed to remain without water about 30-40 minutes. In the end I’ve managed to end up in my target time, under 6h with 5h 52min 55sec, 8th at Elite.

➕ Good things:

  • Great organization overall, a lot of volunteers, mainly everything in place
  • Location, courses, amnesties for the rest of the family
  • Courses were mint, technical and difficult
  • The feedzones had enough of everything, when I got there.
  • Photographers right on spot. At least for the XCO (yet)

➖ Things that need improvement: (in my opinion)

  • Would be great if we could register for both events once.
  • At the registration we weren’t allowed with the bikes … we had to leave them unattended
  • At the registriation point I was greeted with a lot of arrogance, like the ladies out there were the center of the universe

✔ My final grade for this year Triada MTB Paltinis is 9.5 out of 10. This is the best event of the season so far and I will come back again anytime. I loved it.

Many thanks to everyone who cheered for me, many thanks to the volunteers in the feedzones, to my family, my sponsors.

Next stop, this weekend near Timisoara for Herneacova MTB Challenge. See ya there.

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