All within my hands

11 Aug

… that’s a Metallica song, I know, but it suits this period a lot. You can play it while you read these lines.

At the moment, when I am writing I am just one day from reaching 33 summers. The last months were though and I can watch only the good stuff and look for the future.

The covid situation is getting worst in Romania and I need to take care of myself and my family. I ride alone most of the time and I take care not to crash. Not the best time to make a hospital visit. My son Felix misses kindergarten and for both me and Simona, working from home is even harder having him here almost all day long. We are lucky to have my dad next door and he takes care of him in the morning. But let’s see how things will get better, right? Be optimistic, take care of yourself and watch out. This virus is a pain in the ass. Hopefully plague won’t be exported from China as covid was and WHO will take serious measures before spreading this world wide.

But meanwhile everyone forgets about other diseases. Heart, diabetes and even cancer. At this time, covid kiled 740.00 people and it’s a pity, but only today over 20.000 people died from hunger (!)., HIV/AIDS killed 1.030.000 people this year, malaria 600.000, 3.065.000 from smoking and 5.030.000 from cancer. FIVE f8cking millions. All the information is only one click away.

So I am really glad that I had the chance to pull of the postponed charity auction. It was a new format “silent“, and the highest auction won. I had available both the whole bike or the framset.

This bike went to Slovakia, to be more precise in Bratislava, to Michal for 5103 euros (!) an absolute record. Some families that don’t have great financial opportunities to treat cancer or only to cover expenses due to this will be over the moon.

So with this I would like to thank everyone involved in this project: sponsors, family, friends, everyone who promoted it during the years, everyone who put a bit on it and especially Michal for this. All of you made The Good Fight possible.

I love helping my local community and give something back. So if you can, I’d suggest to do a small gesture and help others in need. Like this our planet will simply a better place.

I hope that more pink Cannondale bike will come for charity and that I’ll continue this. Mom, if you can see this from heaven, I miss you everyday. Everyone does.

And one last thing: fuck cancer.


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