Covid19 outbreak

18 Mar

Just about a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t see this sh*t possible. Then it started the spread out in Italy, the whole Europe and the rest of the World.

All the public events are suspended, canceled or delayed including sport events. Everything is in stand by so my only guess is that I have to enjoy the solo rides in the woods, until we will get to the point where we have to stay inside (I live about 1 min away from the trails). No more meetings with customers, friends and others.

A month ago I couldn’t see that everything will shut down or go in sleep mode. At least the planet is breathing again and we stay more with our loved ones. Hopefully in 9 months from now more babies will come than divorces.

I hope that this will end up more than less once the temperatures will grow around Europe, also hope that scientist will find a vaccine and we will have some sort of protection. Until then I wish you all health, mental strength and power to come over this. Hopefully most of you can work from home and be safe.

And to the virus…

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