Cupa Clujului #2

7 Feb

Or the first bike race of the season in Romania. I’ve missed a lot writing on my blog, but man, I’ve missed even more racing my bike. After the back injury last summer, I’ve spent a lot of time recovering and strengthening before I even think about putting a race number on the handlebar.

So meanwhile I’ve started a new project: Cupa Clujului. A CX/MTB/Kids championship to promote racing in winter. It started on December 1st 2019 with the first stage Cluj Winter Race, it continued with Cupa Clujului #2 – Poligon when I’ve also raced and it will have the last stage in March.

Getting back to this race. I’ve worked a lot the prior week with Marius and Iustin to the course in order to have everything ready. We’ve changed quite a bit the track since 2018 Cluj Winter Race edition, just to make it faster but also a bit more challenging.

Race day: everything was on the rush. I had to be in 10 places simultaneously so it was pretty difficult to do a proper warm up. I did a lap and I’ve noticed that everything was still frozen. So I’ve decided to race my Schwalbe Thunder Burt tires, with PTN inserts. I didn’t had my best start as I’ve slipped on the pedal. But I was still there, following my pace and keeping up with the first two riders. At the mid race I’ve managed to get 2nd but it also started to melt down and it became muddy and slippery. I had two crashes, one on the grass and one on the tarmac (after a muddy descent) ending up with my knee bruised but I’ve managed to keep on 2nd place until the end even though the gap was quite big. After the MTB category, there were the Kids and the the CX. I was hoping for more riders but it seems that they are “not in shape to race” in February. Actually who is? But I am glad that I’ve broke the monotony of riding on rollers and doing gym inside. So I am happy about it.

Although it was a tough weekend I’m happy about how it ended. A super nice event, a good race (for myself) and happy riders.

I still had to use some different equipment than normal.

The tires with 0.9 and 1.0 bars pressure. GripGrab Waterproof socks. GripGrab Raptor Gloves and Bioracer Rainy Jacket. Best combo ever.

Many thanks to my family for the whole support, to my sponsors for their trust and to this project sponsors, because otherwise without them this Cup wouldn’t have been possible. But also to everyone who attended. See you at the next and last round.

As a testimony I leave here this video and some photos from the race. For more information you can check the event’s facebook page, or website.

Cheers, Vlad

Foto credit: Rares Puscas, Alexandru Cretu, Alin Sirb

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