Transilvania Bike Trails 2019

19 Aug

6th edition of this lovely event, my 2nd participation after a long break (of racing). It’s organized by NoMad Team and Adept Foundation in order to promote the Saxon villages of Saschiz, Viscri, Meschendorf and Cloasterf and the bike trails network that connects these villages.

Everything started just before the XCO National Championships, missing more important races and when I think that everything was over, I was wrong. 3 weeks ago I had a pretty nasty crash that kept me off the bike (again).

I knew that I couldn’t have big expectations from this year TBT Race, but I had to start somewhere. Especially having the new 2020 pink Cannondale Scalpel-Si which gave me a great boost in the past days.

Had a decent (even though this is an quite optimistic word) start things were going pretty well. But after the first hour everything started to collapse. I did a lot of mistakes, missing corners, touching more trees that I want. I tried to pace myself and find a good rhythm but I simply couldn’t follow anyone that passed me. Then I knew that the struggle is real and I will have to dig really deep to reach the finish line. As the race was so long for me I even had time to think about a lot of things and memories.

I miss my good shape but I will work had again to get it back. No worries, some of you might be happy, but I will come back.

Many thanks to everyone supporting me, sponsors, family and friends. Means a lot. I just need to find now the smooth road on my way because I still see the faith in my eyes.

Cheers, Vlad

Photo credit: Mihai Stetcu

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