Lunca Timisului – the start of the season

2 Apr

Who thought that the first race of the season will be a double race, in the same place where last year, at the last even with had a snow storm orange code. This time was sunny and warm, a better atmosphere than in December.

Anyway it was announced an MTB and a CX Race. Thinking that this could be the valve opener for the new season I’ve decided to race both events.

The road trip was hard, I mean real hard. 320km in 5h is a lot. I went with Iulian and his girlfriend to share the travel expenses. As I didn’t found a new sponsor (yet) I had to sleep in the car to keep the costs as low as possible, even though at 4 in the morning I woke up to get the jacket on as it was pretty cold.

The MTB race started at 10 a.m. It was more like a tactical race because there were a lot of guys sprinting for a minute or so and then they dropped the pedal like the race was over. Even if I have lost the front group a couple of times, 5km before the finish I’ve caught it again and rode with them until the finish, where I was on first place.

The CX race started at 2:45 p.m. so somehow I did had the time to recover, check the course and so on. I had a good start but then I started to feel the legs and arm pretty sore. If almost half of the course was nice and smooth, the rest was so bumpy that I almost crashed a few times. After a couple a laps when I’ve consolidated my 3rd spot I went just to finish the race and take care of my body. It was also the first time when I’ve tried the new GripGrab CLR equipment as you might have noticed in the photos. What do you think about it?

So, first event of the year, two podiums, one win. It’s not something impressive but it gives me a motivation for the upcoming events.

By the way, I am still looking a main sponsor to cover the travel expenses, if you have a tip, let me know. Until then I would like to thank my family for the support, to my sponsors for the racing and training material.

Foto:, Cristina Maciu, Mihail Golu

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