Mures CX Cup

12 Dec

In 2003 at Targu Mures I had my very first race as Junior Elite. In the past years they had different kind of event but I’ve kinda missed that place.

This year their CX race was part of the Cyclocross Nation League and Romanian CX Cup. Despite the bad forecast I’ve decided to go and fight for every place. We went there (me, Dorin and Eli) in the morning as Targu Mures is 100km away from Cluj. We’ve discovered a wet, sticky mud course, with some hidden roots and rocks. Overall pretty bumpy and narrow, suitable for mountainbiking not quite cyclocross, but that’s only my opinion.

I have enjoyed the race and I was close to the 2nd place at the Elite race, but in the last lap due to the thick mud, the chain got between the spokes and cassette, loosing about 1 1/2 minutes to get it out. In the end that’s racing and I have to deal with the good, the bad and the ugly. (the ugly part is that I had to do a full service for the bike, changing chain, chainring, a couple of bearings, cable, brake pads, etc)

Overall I was 3rd at Elite (4th including U23) and 2nd overall in the Romanian CX Cup at the end of the series.

I still have the last race of the year this weekend at Timisoara, counting for the Cyclocross Nation League, where now I am standing 3rd overall, having just some little chances to get on 2nd place. We will see how it will go because right now I am too tired. Racing and traveling so much lately had a huge impact in my training and overall feel.

Many thanks for the support especially to my family and sponsors. Much appreciated.




Photo credit: Cristina Ganj


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