Lunca Timisului CX – code orange weather warning

20 Dec

I think that someone heard the prayers of the organizers and gave them all the snow for the next 5 seasons during this race.

Well, let me start with the beginning of  what was the hardest road trip to a race and back + the worst race (like ever). Last Saturday was the last race of the year and of the Cyclocross Nation League. I couldn’t loose my 3rd overall spot and had minimum chances to get into 2nd. The reasons I went to Timisoara even though it was a code orange of weather warning (heavy snowfall and snow storm) was to get my podium picture and the prize (that didn’t even payed for all the trips to this series races). Because most of the races didn’t had any kind of prizes !

Anyway I went with Georgian, the “partner in crime” for most of this year CX events and at 6AM started a long, slippery travel to Timisoara. The short highways sections were white and tricky. We arrived there after a 5 1/2h trip (which normally is a 4h trip) but we had to leave the car about 1.5 km away from the start because the snow was about 30-35 cm deep. I had second thoughts about not racing because after the course check I’ve noticed that we were forced to run about 75% of the track. And where we were able to ride the bikes it was on a 15-20cm wide beaten path.

As far as I remember I knew that 90% of the course should be ridable and it should be at least 3m wide… I’ve started the race but it was a struggle from the very beginning. So I tried to keep as much as possible on the bike even if I couldn’t too much. It was the first time this season when I got lapped, but to be honest I wasn’t sad at all. Because it’s not normal to run so much in a CX race, no matter what others could say. I have a lot of respect for race organizers but sometimes, especially when you know about the forecast about 3 days before the weather either you take measures to clean the track, to simplify it or if that’s not possible, to postpone the race. Simply because you can not fight against mother nature. If you don’t know how bad it was, the race was on Saturday, then schools were closed on Monday and Tuesday.

I’ll go again to race at Timisoara with my heart open, but when we will have this kind of weather I promise that I won’t take my ass out for any race. 13h on the road (instead of 8) for a 1h race simply isn’t worth it, sorry.

As expected I’ve finished 3rd overall in the Cyclocross Nation League, as this was the last even of the series. This weekend is the CX National Championship in Bucharest, but as I previously told you, this was the last race of the year. I need some days to stay with my family, to rest and prepare the next year resolutions.

Many thanks to everyone for this season. It was the hardest season in years and I hope that the following one will be better. I am grateful to be healthy, to have my family around and that I can still continue my charity project to help others and honor my mother.




photo credit: Larisa Rusu, Alexandra Popity



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