Cluj Winter Race – rising from the ash

5 Dec

Cluj Winter Race is my very first race project, that started back in 2007 with the help from old friends. 6 years ago it was put on hold because of a long list of reasons.

Now, having a lot of ambition and the support from BioRacer, I’ve managed to organize it again. The race was part of Cyclocross Nation League and Romanian Cyclocross Cup.

But I’ve found out that I am a bit “rusty”. It’s hard to do 90% of everything by yourself, no matter the angle you are watching the situation. And it’s even harder to race when you organize a race. My goal was to start, race and finish the event and so I did. The course was dry, mainly frozen, with barriers, offcamber sections, fast corners, switchbacks and 54 stairs (each lap). Long story short: finished 3rd at Elite (4th Elite+U23 and 8th overall). Nothing impressive but such a big achievement if I look back and think that this is (unfortunately) the only CX race in Cluj.

I hope that this event will bring more people into cycling, especially into cyclocross for the next season. It’s fun and a good training for the MTB season.

Last but not least I would like to thank BioRacer for supporting this event, to my family for understanding all the days I was out preparing the race, to the volunteers that helped before, during and after the event and also to every rider that came to the race. Without any of you this wouldn’t be possible. I have a long list of ideas and things that I can improve for the next year (if we will do it again).

See you soon.




Photo credit: Rares Puscas, Calin Gabor


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