November Cross – jump around

16 Nov

Organizing Cluj Winter Race again, after 6 years is consuming a lot of my time now so I am glad to found the inspiration to write about November Cross.

It was organized by Timi Pacurar, from NoMad Team and long story short: it was a great event. To be honest I wouldn’t have visited his village if he didn’t do this race.

Anyway, we’ve arrived there in the morning, cold, foggy morning but after the sun came out it was perfect. A proper CX course. It was a fast race but I couldn’t find my pace on the flat bumpy sections. It’s still better to do this now and find the power for the next season. If you know what I mean. I’ve finished 9th overall and 7th at Elite. Not something to be proud with but we are keep going. I am glad that for the first time, even without specific training I’ve managed to jump the barriers which were pretty big. Only me and another rider cleared them, the rest of the field was running, so I can consider this an achievement.

We will see what the next races will bring.

Anyway, I am waiting you on December 2nd, at Cluj Winter Race. The registrations are open.




Photo credit: Feri Teglas

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