Cupa Castrului CX

30 Nov

Or what was my worst race of the season.

We went to Deva as usual in the race day because it was pretty close to our home. Cold, windy day.

After the registration and a good warm up I went to check to course which was pretty hilly, having more ascent that I thought it will have, bumpy corners, a deep sand area and a muddy clay zone. I’ve decided on the lines and I thought that everything is gonna be alright. Unfortunately it wasn’t. After the start I’ve lost precious seconds at the sand pit than after a couple of hundred of meters I’ve pushed too hard in a corner and lost the front end crashing pretty bad. My thumb was sore and painful. Afterwards I tried to push harder than I could because I want it to get back in the front but I’ve ended up depleting my batteries in the last lap pushing hard just to do all the laps and finish the race.

I’ve ended 3rd at Elite category, don’t ask how, and I think 6th or 7th overall. Not happy at all about how I rode and not happy with the result either, but it’s a race. Now I am 2nd in the Cyclocross Nation League and 3rd in the Romanian CX Cup.

Now I am focused on organizing the 7th edition of Cluj Winter Race, where my plan is to race too and see how my first CX course design looks.

Keep your fingers crossed.




Photo Credit: Radu Rusu

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