Bistritz XCO #3

23 Oct

So it’s for the 3rd time in 3 years when I am racing in Bistrita at Bistritz XCO. It was always fun and though in the same time, because for me it’s that period of the time when I usually have a break or try to enjoy bike without any planned training.

This year was the same. I came after a month of relaxed riding, mostly on the trail bike so I knew that it’s gonna be hard. To make it even more difficult it rained all night long. I was still confident and let my Schwalbe Thunder Burt tires on and even tried them on the course but it was too slippery and I knew it’s gonna be hard to control them so on the spare wheels I’ve mounted the new Schwalbe Racing Ray and Racing Ralph. I’ve had a pressure of 1.4 and 1.5 bar but I didn’t had the time to test and see how they roll.

The fast start left me without air in my lungs so after a few minutes I tried to set up a pace that would keep me in the game for the whole race. It was a good training and a fun even though I wasn’t in my best shape. Finish 3rd overall and 2nd in my category 20 seconds behind the winner which is kinda okish.

The course was nice even if it was wet but it had a few section that weren’t exactly what it should be on a XCO course:

– a narrow “north-shore” ramp on uphill, that wasn’t wider than 10-15 cm as far as I remember

– a narrow wood maze that caused a lot of problems to the riders with wider handlebards

– to many off camber tight narrow turn that blocked some lapped rider that slowed us down.

– the average speed because all of these section had a lot to suffer.

Now I will focus on the plans for the next season and see if I will race any CX events.

Many thanks to my sponsors and family for the support, but also to Georgian who came with me, or better said I went with him.

See ya soon.



Photo credit: Paul Dolean

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