Arad CX Cup – pain and numbness

29 Oct

I was not sure if to race at CX and even this one I am still even more undecided.

When I got my Cannondale CAADX my idea was to train on the road with it and see if I like to race cyclocross events. At Arad CX Cup was my first attempt. I have decided to race there around 15h before the start. I switched the slick tires to the offroad tires one night before the event. At 6am I got up, picked up Iustin and went to Oradea where Georgian was waiting for us. From there we went with him to Arad.

After the registration we went a couple of laps to check the course, make a rough idea about the tire pressure and that was about it. It was a fast start, dry, dusty and rough course with a lot of front and side wind but in the end was good. I’ve ended up on the podium, on 3rd place even if at the finish I was the 4th rider (elite and overall), but a rider in front of me was DSQ because inappropriate behavior with a marshal right after he crossed the finished line.

I’ll try to make training on the bike, on offroad and see how things will go. My plan is to race all the CX races from the Cyclocross Nation League this year but I can not promise that yet. We will see how things will go.

Now I’ve discovered that:

– I don’t have the technique to jump the barriers as I can jump with my Scalpel-Si

– I still prefer wider handlebars

– a 48t chainring is too big for my power


Fingers crossed.




Photo credit: Radu Rusu

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