Medias Bike Marathon

6 Sep

After the last events, not being able to go at the Worlds in Lenzerheide after some “political correctness decisions” I tried to keep the motivation at a high level and most of all keep racing.

As there aren’t any XCO events currently in Romania, the only thing left to do is to race Marathons, which isn’t my specialty and to be honest I am not such a big fan. Usually I don’t like long races. But I can take them as a training.

Last weekend I’ve been to Medias, after a long break. Last time when I raced there was in 2009. Arrived there in the morning with Georgian and Eli. As I woke up pretty early I couldn’t eat properly but I thought it will go just fine after the TBT episode.

The start wasn’t too fast so on the road section I was there leading the group. When we got on offroad some of our Romanian Marathon specialists, Arpi Kelemen, Atti Madars and Atti Malnasi increased the pace, but I tried to keep it cool as it was gonna turn out that is a long race. Everything was going pretty well. I’ve manage to form a following group with Stefan Cristescu and Cristi Jidovu. Cristi, as a spinning expert was riding out of the saddle on most climbs, sprinting like crazy.

But from the second feedzone, ’till the third one the distance was way too long and I don’t know how I’ve managed to ride about 20 minutes without any drop of water. It was the moment when I dropped from the group and after got passed by Elisei and Sergiu P. I reached the third feed point and surprise: they didn’t had any water left as it was also the junction with the short course. So I had to get some Coke and keep moving. My lips were so sticky after such a big dose of sugar but the forth feed point was close enough and they still had water left. Stopped for a few seconds, refilled my bottle but the battle was lost.

4th at Elite, 8th overall, a good 3h50 minutes high intensity training and some lessons learned. Still better to be learned later than never.

Next race, next chance.

Keep the spirit high.




Photo credits: Calin Bisziok, Horia Lapadat, Cosmin Berghean

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