Transilvania Bike Trails Race

24 Aug

Transilvania Bike Trails Race is the last event where I have raced so far. It is already at the 5th edition but first time for me there. The location was in Saschiz, an old medieval village where they lived Transylvanian Saxons, which has a 15th century old church that is part of the World Heritage Site Villages with fortified churches in Transylvania, designated in 1999 by UNESCO. The main goal of the race is to promote the area and villages around Saschiz, Viscri, Meschendorf and Cloasterf and the bike trails network that connects these villages.

Well, I didn’t knew what to expect from my first “long” race of the season, so I went on my own pace. After the road ended some of the guys pushed the pace but I tried to keep it cool, in my own rhythm because I knew that it will be a +3,5h race. After a while I started to overtake riders and Ciprian Comisan from BikeXpert joined me.  We had a good collaboration using each other abilities to keep the distance between us and our followers. With some minor mistakes from the marshals, here and there we’ve lost about 30-40 seconds taking on some wrong trails but checking the map on my Garmin Edge 1030 on time was spot on, being able to fix this.

It was sunny, hot and pretty humid and even if the climbs weren’t so steep, there were long and the descends not so technical. In the last part of course we’ve manage to got up Daniel Bostan, Ciprian’s team mate so I didn’t knew what to expect. On the last descend before the old fortress from Saschiz I’ve let the brakes a bit more than I want it and had a few seconds over them. From the fortress it was a technical descend that I kinda knew so I got about 45 seconds over Ciprian and about a minute over Daniel, ending up on 3rd place both overall and elite.

For sure it was a race where I worked hard, but it was better with Ciprian than by myself. So I would like to thank him for the good collaboration.

I would also like to thank the organizers for the race and congratulate all the 1187 participants that race the three courses. I will come back again, it was fun.

I don’t wanna forget to thank to my family and sponsors for their support, without you this wouldn’t be the same. I will keep in riding, training, raising awareness and racing as much and as fast as I can. Count on that.




Photo credit: TBT Race

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