Road race? On CX Bike!

27 Jun

I am trying to get back on track with the race reports so here is the short story of my first road race… on my cyclocross bike. Why not? Because the race was in Cluj, it was a circuit and it would was just good to finish a hard training week. I know I was looking weird with my 37mm Michelin tires, more or less like riding a “fat bike” compared to the others but I was confident.

We had to do 21 laps and everything started pretty good. But after about 4 laps in a corner my chained dropped and it took me quite a while getting back on track loosing the first group. In that moment I’ve realized that I’ve lost it for good. I’ve kept riding for another 5 laps by myself but then I’ve reduced the pace in order to be caught by the next group.

A few sprints here and there, going with another faster group, getting back, sprinting again and this is the history of the race.

I don’t know the final result because the organizers didn’t posted anywhere (which is strange), but in the end I am glad I had a safe race and good training, most important with no crashes. I look forward to race this bike at cyclocross events.



Photo credit: Dan Porcutan

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