Nove Mesto World Cup – where the roots meet the rocks

9 Jun

And here comes that story that I find more interesting. After Albstadt we (with Simona and Felix) went to Nove Mesto with a 2 days stop in Prague, in order to recover and visit.

I’ve discovered that the course was a bit modified from the previous years: Expert Climb 2 was shorter and we had a couple of new jumps too. But the number of rocks and roots was the same as it was back in 2012 when I first had the opportunity to race here. So I can say that is my favorite venue and course ever.

The course completely dry, dusty and loose. I’ve learned it as much as I could, tried to find the fastest lines and then I tried to recover properly for the race.

Saturday was the race for U23 when for the first time in mountainbiking history a Romanian and a guy named Vlad (not me, but Vlad Dascalu) won! What an achievement for this hard working boy! I really hope that this young gun to find his place and have a good karma for the upcoming races because he has a huge potential. Fingers crossed buddy!

Sunday was “my” race. Around 28.000 spectators, live coverage from and National Czech TV, the best riders on the planet and … me. As usual not having a lot of UCI points I’ve started from behind so I couldn’t have the same strategy as Nino has.

First thing: avoid crashes at the start, or can we survive the blitzkrieg? I think that during all the races here (6 for me) only once they didn’t crashed right after the start. Now everything seemed to be good… but it wasn’t. Big crash ahead of me but I was lucky not to be involved. Tried to pass it and give everything I had. I’ve pushed as hard as I could and I didn’t looked behind. Finished 127th. If I will have the chance to race here, I will try to get in top 100 and do a lap more. Previously I’ve managed to do 3 laps, this time I did 4 laps until the 80% rule.

CFR kept once again the 1st place in team ranking and their yellow number plates after a having Max on 3rd, Mani on 5th and Henrique on 6th place, with a great battle from Nino and Anton Cooper for the win.

What a race, what an atmosphere, what a public. And man, I am glad to find out that I have a couple of fans too.

Now it’s time to thank everyone that made this adventure possible. My family for supporting me, my sponsors, our National Federation, Cristi for the help at the feed/tech zone and everyone for cheering. Also to the Cannondale Factory Racing for the good vibes and race support they have offered me saving the situation. Cheers guys.

I felt the good vibes and I look forward to the upcoming races, in Romania and around the World.



Photo credits: Traian Olinici and EGO Promotion (many thanks guys)

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