Get fit with Garmin

27 Jun

Get fit with Garmin is a local event, powered and promoted by Garmin, one of my great sponsors.

It was the second edition and the goal of the event was to promote a healthy life style for both children and their parents with a lot of activities: running, both individual and family, biking, this time with a nice XCC course, nutrition or yoga.

I was invited like last year and on my turn I’ve invited others because I knew it’s gonna be a cool event. We had sun, rain showers, sun again and even if I got muddy I had lot of fun. The short and intense XCC race was a good training and even if I won the race, having Garmin as my partner, we’ve decided to reward the following riders in order to motivate them for the future and with the prizes awarded to get them even more active.

I hope that everyone had a good Saturday, I am glad that Garmin is doing such a great thing for the community and I hope that this will become a cool tradition in our city.

Cheers to that,


photo credit: Get fit with Garmin (to be updated)

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