XCO Endurance in Cluj

20 Oct

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since I wrote here but I had a good reason.

I’ve been missing the races so as I heard about this race I said that I can try and see how the legs feel. Long story short: a 1.75km course, similar to a cyclocross  but without some elements like the jumps, stairs or sand. 2h + 1lap, as many laps as possible. The thing is that half of the race would be in the dark, completely dark. I’ve checked my lights, bike and made the registration. Arrived at the course, which was in the Ethnographic Museum court in Cluj.

The race started with a high pace but I tried to set up my own rhythm in order to finish the race. I had about 5 minutes / lap which was fine with me. But after the sunset the temperatures dropped from 15C to 5C. I did my best but 10-15 minutes before the end of the race, about 3 laps, I’ve felt that my batteries are almost empty so I switched to the “save mode”. I’ve lost some time but in the end I’ve finished 3rd at Elite category.

Some facts about the race: 2h 10″ of racing, 24 laps, 41.8km, 954m elevation gain, 169 average hr.

It was a good test and I look forward to the last races of the year but also I am already preparing the 2018.

Many thanks to my family and sponsors for the support.



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