Bistritz XCO 2017

24 Oct

Or what was a race that was fun and I’ve enjoyed, all right, with a small exception.

This was the second edition of the Bistritz XCO. Last year was nice so I said to try again maybe it will be at least the same. Arrived there only on the race day with Ionut and Stefan, as Cluj is only about 130 km away from Bistrita.

Had a late breakfast and prepared for the course check. It was 90% different from last year but I saw an improvement close to proper course. Indeed there were too many, too tight and too narrow offcamber turns but overall it was nice.

After a fast start I saw myself first but I soon realized that if I will keep that rhythm my batteries won’t last too much so I’ve slowed down the pace and tried to do my race. After the first race I’ve saw what I can do so I kept it that way.

Pushing on the loose descends cost me seconds every lap as I was going like I had nothing to lose. At the middle of 3rd lap I’ve lapped the guy with the race plate 41 and asked him nicely to let me pass him as the trail was pretty narrow. Even though it was a marshal there he started to curse, swear and tell me to stop because he want to teach me a lesson.

I was second but in the last lap, on the last climb I’ve lost this position after an attack and even if I risked a  bit on the descend I’ve finished 3rd, 3 or 4 seconds behind Florin Moldovan.

I’m glad with the race I’ve made, it’s a pity that I had a better result but it’s a good start for the next season preparation. It’s sad that the guy that didn’t wasn’t quite fair play with me (and a lot others from what I’ve heard) didn’t even apologized after the race even if a lot of people told him that what he did was wrong and the organizers didn’t DSQ him for that. We still don’t have a sportive culture well developed but I wanna think that we are on the right way. Fingers crossed.

I think that I will race again on December 2nd, here in Cluj at a CX race just to see how it is and maybe if I will enjoy it enough I might try it again.

Many thanks, again, to my family and sponsors for their support, but also to Ionut for driving me at Bistrita.

Keep on rigind. Cheers,



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