Beat the clock

23 Oct

Or what was my first and last spinning race.

I don’t know why but some contests (because it wasn’t quite a race) are not well promoted and for sure not prepared enough. It was a spinning contest at one of the newest malls in Cluj. Whoever will do the most km in 45 minutes is the winner.

Arrived there about 30-40 minutes before the race, did a good warm up then asked about the rules. Low resistance and high cadence is making more km than high resistance and low cadence. So I started pretty fast with a 120 rpm cadence increasing constantly. I’ve ended up with a 128 average cadence and about 31km “made” but 4th, about 3km behind the winner. That means that the winner should had an average cadence of 150rpm / 45minutes.

I am asking, if you are an expert in this kind of “cycling”, is it possible to have a 150 average cadence?

But the surprise was on the ladies category. The winner made about 42 km, which means that she had a 200rpm average cadence. Meanwhile the results disappeared (or I can not find them anymore) to be more accurate.

I usually don’t complain about this facts but either the winners are pedaling like the tattoo needles, either there were some issues with the measurement of the distance, either the bikes weren’t calibrated the same for each one or simply there were not reset. So I have a bitter taste after this event.

Last but not least I want to congratulate everyone who is doing exercise even if it’s indoor or outdoor but now maybe you can understand why I prefer to ride and race outdoor. There you can not fool anyone, including yourself.

At least I did a sweaty evening ride.

See you on the trails or on the road.



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