Imprezzio Global Marathon

12 Aug

As this event was sponsored by Imprezzio Global, one of my main sponsors I said that will be awesome to race there.

Maguri-Racatau is a place around 35-40km away from Cluj, where cold river can provide a good recovery after a race and the paths are steep. It was the same this time. So I took my chances, checked the course a few days ago and it looked fun (but hard). Long and pretty steep first climb, and a rocky descend… and the list can continue for the rest of the course.

Race day: and I started to feel nervous. I had a good warm up so the start wasn’t that choking. Finding a good rhythm that I could go with until the end of the first climb helped me to have energy for the rest of the race. My plan was to stop about 30 seconds at every feedzone point as it was pretty damn hot. Then the first rocky technical descend started, I was feeling confident, gain some speed, caught a few riders and everything was going smooth… wait, did I just said smooth? When the descend was almost done the rear wheel was loosing air and I felt some sealant on my legs.

I’ve pushed it as much as possible, than took my CO2 pump and Maxalami kit and repaired it. I’ve lost about 2 minutes but then I’ve made the same mistake I do whenever I have a technical problem. I pushed harder than I could go so it didn’t took much until I drained my energy resources. The cherry on top was another cut in the rear tire fixed with my Maxalami again. Otherwise I don’t wanna think how long would have taken to put a tube. Started again and found again a safe mode rhythm. After almost 3h I’ve finished the race, 4th at Elite category and I without any idea about overall standing.

Many thanks to Imprezzio Global for supporting myself but also this kind of sport events, to the rest of my sponsors for supporting me living the dream and even if I not paid I really enjoy riding the bike every time.

My family also offers me a great support so many thanks to them too.

I look forward to race again soon.



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