Cetatuia XCO – the mud festival

22 Jun

Iasi, the most eastern city I’ve raced so far. As it was an XCO and also an UCI C2 race I knew that I have to go there for the 2nd time.

450km on the road but let me translate this to you: 9h trip. With my wife, we’ve arrived in Ias on Friday evening, just in time for a quick dinner and we’ve got in bed for some well deserved sleep.

On Saturday I’ve managed to do a few laps on the course just before the rain started and everything got really slippery. And it kept raining. With one eye I was on the window and with the other one on the weather forecast. The next morning I’ve decided to change the dry tires with the Michelin Wild Mud and I had some issues with the valve and/or the rim tape. After a short visit to the local BikeMania shop that didn’t helped I’ve changed both the valve and the tape and I’ve inflated the tire with the floor pump as I did before.

I still had some hope that it won’t rain anymore but it was useless. One hour before the start the skies opened again and I was gonna be a mud festival. The uphills were almost impossible to be made on the bike and so were some of the descends. Even though the mud tires helped a lot I had to stop every lap a few times to clean a bit the bike because it was so damn heavy. I was really surprised that even with the sticky thick mud the Sram XX1 Eagle transmission didn’t had any kind of issues. The lower pulley was full of grass but as I said. I didn’t had any issues so that’s really cool.

In the end I’ve finished 8th, grabbing some UCI points for the upcoming races. I am glad for that because this race was also a mental race, because I had to fight with myself to keep the negative thoughts out.

Even if it was hard I’ve enjoyed this race but I hope next time it will be dry. I had enough mud for the next two years.

In the end I would like to thanks the hosts of this race for their hospitality, to my dear wife for having this trip with me and her help at the feed zone but also to my sponsors for their constants support.

Right after the race we went back home but this time we were fast due to the lack of traffic.

Hear you soon as now I look forward to the upcoming races as #TheGoodFight goes on




This is also from the news from TVR1 (National tv station) where they are talking more about Vlad Dascalu, who also won (congrats buddy), but you can see me there too. Having this kind of news on a national tv station is a good advertising for this sport so thumbs up for who made this possible.

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