NapoCup XCO – the home race

3 May

NapoCup XCO – the home race … that didn’t went how it was supposed too. Lately I had some good training, I was feeling good and getting a good shape. So the combination between an XCO and home race should have been a good one. Especially that I was riding the new racing kit from Bioracer. Unfortunately it wasn’t so.

First – the course: the organizers inserted so many new twists and turns that you couldn’t even enjoy the new rockgarden. Basically if you weren’t pushing 100% you were braking into an offcamber hairpin… That’s why in the first place I was thinking not to start here and choose another race. Then I thought: it’s the only home race xco… this is not an excuse as everyone was riding on the same course. The competition was high, a strong field of riders, I was having my family and friends around supporting and cheering. That’s really important

Second – the race day: the commissionaire was calling us at the start line. I’ve heard my name and went to get a good position, right? Wrong. They stopped me and called me back because I didn’t had a back number on my jersey, as they didn’t gave me one when I registered,  even though I’ve asked the girls from the race office twice about it and they told me not to worry because we don’t need and they don’t have jersey numbers. So I’ve started from the last line.  Again this shouldn’t be an excuse as the race was long enough to pass riders.

Third – and last: nothing went as I hoped for. I didn’t found the power in the legs, or to be more accurate, I was feeling like something was pulling me back. In the end was a mental struggle to finish the race and not quit. The bike worked perfect, I didn’t had any kind of mechanical problems. I am really happy with the new Scalpel-Si and with the whole setup. I couldn’t ask for more… except for some better legs.

Ending on the 30th spot would be good for a World Cup, not for a C2 race, but that’s how it goes. You have to start, race and see how it ends. Usually from such a bad experience I learn more things so it was a good lesson and now I look forward to the upcoming races.

As usual I would like to thank my family and friends for the on sight support but also to all my sponsors for their help. I am living my dream.

See you on the trails.



Foto credits: George Moldovan, Gheorghe Sabau

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