A good start of the season

26 Mar

Lunca Timisului CX Cup was my first race of the 2017 season.

It was meant to be a CX race but they also had a MTB category. If for cyclocross they had around 30 riders for MTB they were close to 300. The surroundings were nice and the side of Timis river too but the course was flat, windy and without major technical stuff, except the sandpit from the CX course a few hair pins and very short climbs. Some kind of short track race. After a fast start I’ve formed a group with another 3 riders and it was the best choice because neither of use could have gone by himself. A few attacks during the flat section from the group increased my pulse but as we were getting close to the finish I’ve started to prepare for a sprint. I was lucky to have the right gear and the right line and I won with one or two bike lengths, both in general and age classification.

This was the first race with my new pink Cannondale Scalpel-Si and even if it was a flat course it was very comfortable over the dirt bumps.

For the first race I’ve felt good and this (small) win is important for my motivation.

Many thanks to my family and sponsors for the awesome and constant support. Also big up to my former team mate Eli which drove us to Timisoara (he competed at the CX race). Congratulations to all the competitors and also to the organizers for promoting cyclocross in particular but cycling in general allowing to all of us to race.

All the best.




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