Ride the lightning

14 Mar

The new season is around the corner. The last weeks were pretty busy as I focused a lot on the charity auction of my last year F-Si, building the new bike, preparing most of the details of this season and so on. But now things calmed down a bit so I have time to write a few words.

First thing first: the F-si was sold for 2350 euro, in Romania. I am glad that it stayed in Romania bu I really hoped that it could get more. That was the main reason I was running a medium frame last year. If we will keep the tradition this year bike should go abroad. We will see.

Also some sponsors are going and others are coming. So with this I would like to thank Adidas Eyewear for the last 8 years of support. I was delighted to work with you guys. But now Bioracer will join my fight and I am really looking forward to, as you will see some cool stuff! Many thanks to everyone else for trusting me.

Last but not least the new bike: Cannondale Scalpel-Si, with a custom pink chrome paint and the best parts on the market. I love the F-Si but I couldn’t believe that this bike can climb like a hardtail and have the descend capabilities of a trail bike. I’ve done only a few rides on it but I really love it. Bellow you have a few photos but the whole gallery and parts list can be found in the BIKE category.

See ya soon. Cheers,




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  1. alex March 14, 2017 at 8:12 pm #

    details like the pink rockshox logo are a killer! enjoy the rides!

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