2017 charity auction – a few words

21 Feb

Hi everyone,

I though to write a few words about this year charity auction to share with you my thoughts.

For the last 5 years I was lucky to have a lot of support in this project from my sponsors so every year we’ve built a custom pink Cannondale. After racing a season with it, raising awearness, we auction it for raising money too in order to support people suffering from cancer and having financial issues that stopped them to have a good treatment. It’s hard, I mean really hard to see so many suffering from this disease.

So far this last bike, a pink chrome Cannondale F-Si is the best bike ever built for this project. Balistec Carbon frame, Carbon XLR Lefty, Hollowgram Si Crankset, Sram X01 drivetrain and brakes, tubular wheels, Tune carbon saddle and other unique parts. Although I use to ride Large frames, last season I’ve decided to switch on a Medium frame because I thought, and to be honest I still think that due to the size of the frame it can raise more money.

Right now, when I am writing this article the highest offer is at 2100 euro which is the starting bid of the auction. I hope that it will go up at least as last year, but ultimately I might also bid for this bike, because I don’t want to sell it cheaper than a stolen bike. Considering that it has the autographs of the Cannondale Factory Racing rock stars Manuel Fumic, Henrique Avancini and Marco Aurelio Fontana (who is now racing for another team) might also increase it’s value.

Ultimately the price is set up by the person who’s willing to pay the most money, but if you are bidding please think that you are not only getting one of a kind bike, but you are also saving someones life and give him the chance to a treatment.

With this last line I would like to thank everyone that during these years supported and promoted this project. It’s a long list and if you are involved you know that you are included too.

I hope to continue this project and be able to offer something back to my community, trying to inspire others and make a better world. I might not make it, but with your support I will fight with it.

This is #TheGoodFight

Keep on biding and spread the love.



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