Schullerwald XCO – Bistrita

24 Oct

Happy to come back with a race report. In the last months I had some serious lowerback problems that kept me out of training and racing. But the rehab  is going into the right direction and this is the most important thing. Last Friday I’ve found out that there will be a XCO race in Bistrita, just 125 km away from Cluj. On Saturday evening I’ve decided with Ionut to pack our bags and go to have some fun. Sunday morning we got in his car.

The short but foggy trip ended in the beautiful area of Schullerwald. Sun popped out and it was nice. The rain that felt in the last days transformed the course a bit and I had to be careful.

Fast start and I wasn’t sure how things will go. Sergiu B from Nomad had a good rhythm and because of my mistakes I couldn’t keep the pace. In the 3rd lap I was forced to reduce the pace but I’ve recovered in the last two laps. I’ve finished 3rd at my category and 4 or 5th overall.

Not a great result but I am happy that I had the chance to race again and I’ve felt good on the bike. I look forward to my rehab and I hope that things will keep going into the right direction.

The course wasn’t that technical but the mud made it, let’s say, more challenging. It was short as a race time and as a km/lap, similar to a CX course/race, but I had fun. Meeting some of my friends and some of the shop costumers from the Bistrita area was nice.

Thank you everyone for cheering.

Also many thanks to my family and sponsors during this hard period. I’ve felt you very close and means a lot.

For sure I would like to come and race again in Bistrita. Keep it up guys.



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