2016 XCO National Championships

29 Jul

After a few years in Paltinis the venue for the National Championships moved to Hunedoara, next to the Corvinilor Castle. I arrived there later in the evening because of some “logistical” issues.

It was our “electric castle” version on a bike. It rained all night long and it continued also during the day. So you can imagine the kind of clay that we had on the course (nice although when it’s dry).
I didn’t had the start I’ve hoped for but I was pretty steady and constant until the last lap when I’ve crashed pretty bad in the most difficult downhill section, hitting my elbow and shoulder and loosing precious time. As it went good before that I didn’t thought that I might slip. The Michelin Wild Mud tires made a huge difference and offered me the confidence I needed on this kind of weather.


Finished 9th, even though I was on 5th during lap no 3 and 4.

As I said the tires where great but I hope that I won’t need to use them too soon as afterwards I need to clean the entire bike, bearings… everything.

Until now¬†season is going completely different from what I’ve thought it will go but I try to keep my head up and look forward.

Thanks a lot to my wife and to the others for the support during the race. She is amazing, offering me the motivation when needed. Thank you my dear.


Last but now least many thanks to my sponsors for their support too. I really appreciate your confidence.

Hear you soon with the news from Paltinis XCO Project.




Photos: Florian Raducanu




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